The Micronational Name Generator generates names for your alter egos, NPCs, fictional characters, heros, role playing games, phone books or as a general source of entertainment.


  • Generates (more or less) real names in various languages and from various linguistic cultures and as a bonus: Funny.
  • hyphenated names and various middle names with a click of a vutton
  • right-to-left naming conventions in certain asian languages
  • female surnames according to arabic and slavic naming rules
  • Combination of different suffixes (e.g. "-ham", "-ford", "-man") to generate more pleasant sounding names
  • GUI-less plain text creation of names using the URL parameters &gui=off. In combination with &gender=male or &gender=female, and &dn=true (double names)
    and &firstnames=X (X = number of given names):


Even though it is possible to generate (more or less) interesting, real and unique names - It is not our intend to offend any langues, cultures and persons (dead or living). If you feeld offended by the names generated on this page, we sincerly apologise.